The Rundown Group 2: Science and Technology, Episode 3

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On this episode of The Rundown, host Dania Akkawi and producers Nada Mostafa and Heba Abdel Wahab are discussing the latest in science and technology.

Newly released iPhones were dissected and revealed to have chips from Intel and Toshiba.

State-backed hackers are still targeting the Gmail of US senators.

Siemens signs a contract to run 3 massive power plants in Egypt to help power electricity in various parts of the city.

For the interview segment, Akkawi interviewed Sherif El Kassas, a professor from Computer Science and Engineering department at the American university in Cairo (AUC), to learn more about hacking and internet safety.

For our ‘Another view’ segment, host Dania Akkawi interviewed Ana Julia De Oliveira from Middlesex University Dubai branch in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the use of technology in PR and marketing in the UAE.

Music: Sleepless Nights by Anitek
Image: Dania Akkawi
Professor Sherif El-Kassas

News gathered from:

1- AP NEWS:,-aides

2- Egypt Independent:

3- Reuters:

Host: Dania Akkawi
Producer 1: Nada Mostafa
Producer 2: Heba Abdel Wahab

Release date:
30 September 2018

Source by Dania Akkawi

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