NYPD tells Google that Waze makes driving in the city dangerous

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Navigation and mapping app Waze asks its users to provide information on crashes, construction, speed traps and DWI checkpoints. As a result, Waze users can, in many cases, avoid getting caught driving while drunk or high. This might be good news if you regularly drive sloshed or stoned; for the rest of us, not so much.

According to WCBS, the local CBS affiliate in New York City (via Android Authority), the NYPD has sent a cease and desist letter to Waze owner Google complaining that its DWI checkpoints should not be revealed on the Waze app. In fact, the letter notes that “Individuals who post the locations of DWI checkpoints may be engaging in criminal conduct since such actions could be intentional attempts to prevent and/or impair the administration of the DWI laws and other relevant criminal and traffic laws.”
The timing of the letter is strange considering that Waze has made available the location of speed traps and DWI checkpoints for years. We wonder if it is possible that NYPD brass just discovered Waze in the Google Play Store or App Store

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