HERE Technologies: Brand Film

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CG brand film for HERE Technologies.

The task was to imagine Dubai in the near future with delivery and maintenance drones, futuristic concept cars, vertical farms, and abundance of greenery all around.
The city is synced to act in perfect harmony by an Artificial Inelegance that links every technology in a whole ecosystem to better serve the inhabitants of the city and it’s visitors.

The main technical challenge of the film was to create a realistic populated city and to deliver a final 8K resolution to be presented on 7x5meters LED panels. Every single detail had to withstand scrutiny.
The majority of the hero buildings were created from scratch to fit the narrative, with several stock buildings to fill the background.

My role was to come up and model the layout and hero building and also oversee the 3D production and
guide other 3D generalists. Also I was responsible for foliage, rendering, and technical optimization of the scenes.

Created at Territory Studio.
Creative Director: John Suter
3D Lead: Ion Oprea
3D Generalist: Marcos Fernandes
3D Generalist: Brett Lewis
3D Generalist/Compositor: Alex Blomeley

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