RLSB: ‘Everybody Technology’

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We were the creative team on this film to raise awareness of the concept of ‘Everybody Technology’ – a dream
that tech companies, developers and users all collaborate to deisgn with everyone in mind, creating 100% inclusive technology.

Our idea was to use Professor Stephen Hawking to be the voice of Everybody Technology. Shot by Dan Lowe of Ivory, the great physicist’s words are a rallying call to developmental arms, being ‘spoken’ by men, women and
children, from different cultures, backgrounds and abilities. It encourages joining the Everybody Technology group, to create a network of developers and users to drive a revolution in thinking forwards.

All people involved in the film both infront and behind the camera are volunteers.

Production Company: Ivory
Director: Dan Lowe
Producer: Rowland Kimber (Ivory), Roz Prentice (BBH)
DoP: Carl Burke
Post Production: Framestore
Editor/Editing House: Dan Lowe
Music: Nick Graham-Smith (Pendulum Music)
Sound: Factory Studios
Typographer: James Townsend
RLSB Clients:
Niki Gomez – Everybody Technology Group
Julian Dailly – Director of External Affairs

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