Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: Most wanted remakes and remasters

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A few years ago, I’d have had a very definite list of games I want to see getting either remastered or just re-released with a bit of polish. The top ones would have been Shenmue, Resident Evil 2, Spyro The Dragon, Final Fantasy VII and VIII, and MediEvil.

Now all of them have been done in some form, and three on the way completely remade, there’s genuinely only a few dozen left of my nostalgic faves I’d love to see make a return as the main ones are done/incoming. I don’t hold out much hope for any of them, but I’d have said the exact same about Shenmue and Spyro so you never know.

First, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Still one of my favourite games from the PS1 era, I was quietly hoping it’d be one of the 15 unannounced games on the PlayStation Classic so I was gutted when it wasn’t on the list. It also guaranteed I wouldn’t be buying the Classic and never will – and this would be my number one pick to get a remake. Just put it on PSN as it was though and they can have my money gladly.

Then there’s ones I really have zero hopes for. Jet Set Radio, I adored that game but I don’t think it sold well in any of its versions so it seems doubtful. Skies Of Arcadia would be a dream come true for me, either a remaster or sequel. Grandia II would be another I’d happily buy on release as would Vagrant Story.

I could probably think of dozens more if I were greedy: The Last Ninja, Tenchu, Parasite Eve, Phantasy Star Online, Project Zero (Fatal Frame), Manhunt, Beyond Good & Evil, Pyschonauts (done Ratchet & Clank next gen style as the PSN port hasn’t aged well at all), Head Over heels, Turrican, and 40 Winks.

With the success of Crash and Spyro, and undoubted big sales of Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy VII, and hopefully MediEvil to come then I may get to see at least one of that lot at some point if the devs and publishers see that classics can be commercially successful, especially when they’re done as well as Toys for Bob have done with the Spyros.

It’s a fantastic time to be a gamer now, not only is there brand-new absolute stonkers coming out regularly (especially for Sony owners) there’s genuinely brilliant remasters and remakes out there for the older ones like me to fall back in love with, and younger ones to experience for the first time. Long may it continue.
Lost Sock

GC: Final Fantasy VIII has never been remade or remastered, just re-released. (A lot of the pre-rendered backdrops are though to have been lost.)

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