Dyson Cool AM06 review: is this the world’s most luxurious desk fan? | Technology | The Guardian

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It’s hot and sticky. Too hot and sticky. And Britain being Britain, air conditioning in the home is about as common as a great crested newt. Dyson’s answer is a desk fan like no other, with a price tag to match. The Dyson Cool AM06 is no ordinary fan; it has no visible blades whirring to propel air around the room. Instead the fan uses a turbine-like system in the base that sucks air in, firing it up to a big ring mounted above. The ring directs the air forward with force, amplifying the airflow. A turbofan jet engine works in much the same way. Read All Comments: http://www.comentarismo.com/news/theguardiandyson-cool-am06-review-is-this-the-worlds-most-luxurious-desk-fan-technology-the-guardian

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