Keynote NDC Oslo 2016: Yesterday’s Technology is Dead, Today’s is on Life Support – Troy Hunt

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Isn’t technology just awesome? Well we think it’s awesome and then a year or two later it’s old junk that for most of us, serves no further useful purposes. The technology of yesterday is rapidly becoming unrecognisable not just in the sense that it’s so different to what we use today, but a whole generation has literally never even seen a cassette tape or a rotary dial phone before.
Looked at the other way, our present day technology was inconceivable such a short time ago. What we take for granted today was little more than a pipedream yesterday yet our lives would be unrecognisable without them. Our children could not conceive of a time without mobile phones or internet; there are adults today that have not known this time!

This talk delves into how technology is changing around us from the essential to the absurd. Technology we put in our homes, technology we carry, technology we insert inside ourselves and all of it headed for rapid obsoletion as the next inconceivable wave takes hold. As much as yesterday’s technology is dead, today’s is on life support and we’d better get ready for the next big thing.

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