Games Inbox: What did you think of The Game Awards 2018?

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I was really chuffed to see Celeste and Astro Bot win awards this year, I had high hopes for both to get some recognition – gamers themselves already know how brilliant they both are (especially here on GC) but with these awards things I’m always mindful they sometimes have agendas and favourites so wouldn’t have been surprised if they hadn’t.

The big surprise was God Of War though, I thought it was the best of the nominees up for the main award but I’d have bet my months wages on Red Dead Redemption II getting it. As good as Rockstar’s game is on a technical level personally I was bored of it after eight to 10 hours and there’s too many niggles, annoying features and clunky mechanics for me. Dare I say it, but at no point in my playthrough did I think ‘this is fun’.

On the other hand, playing through Astro Bot I was smiling from start to finish (maybe through gritted teeth on the shark boss).

God Of War I was shocked how much I enjoyed it despite not being a God Of War fan at all, and Celeste blew me away and I recommended it to every gamer I know with those that listened to the recommendation also loving it. The fact all three were rewarded somewhat made me happy and not so bad that I didn’t enjoy Red Dead Redemption II as much as everyone else seems to be.

I’ll give games awards more respect in the future if they keep on rewarding games that are mostly about having fun, and not so much ones that spend time on physics for horses’ dangly bits and realistic facial hair growth.

Hopes for another Astro Bot and Celeste game seem to be quite realistic now! God Of War 2 was never in doubt after the ending, amazing reviews, and massive sales but I did worry my fave ever VR game might not get a follow-up, now I’m optimistic (please GC magic, Moss 2 as well and I’ll be ecstatic).
Lost Sock

GC: There’s definitely more Moss on the way, sorting out a publishing deal seems to be the only reason we haven’t heard about it yet.

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