A look back at cybercrime in 2018

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Last year IBM’s securityintelligence.com predicted that:

  • Internet of things would make the news.
  • Orchestration & Automation would be a top priority.
  • Business would rush to prepare for GDPR

These were very accurately predicted as areas of great impact!

Symantec’s 2018 cybersecurity attacks report reported that IOT experienced a 600% increase in attacks in 2017 over the 2016 period. An astonishing 8500% increase in malware coin miner detections, Coin miners not only slow down devices but can overheat batteries and sometimes render a device useless.  These are browser-based attacks so no need to download the malware to a victim’s PC. 

The number of targeted attack groups Symantec tracks has risen to 140. The opportunities have risen so more cyber criminals are at work today.

Symantec reported 71 % of all targeted attacks started with spear phishing to infect victims. This is not a new tactic. The cybercriminal strategy appears to be not only to target the weakest links but always change it up a bit and always go where the users ae going. Bitcoin and IOT are great examples.

Implanted malware grew by 200%, impacting the software supply chain.  Another tactic used before is hijacking software updates as a solid way to gain trusted access. You wouldn’t expect anyone to be using an outdated OS like XP, would you?  The research showed that only 20% of Android smartphone systems were using the newest version.  This makes these systems very vulnerable to attacks.

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