What is Business Fish and why is he in your Facebook comments? | Technology | The Guardian

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“You just got schooled… by a fish.” Business Fish certainly isn’t short on confidence, but who is this sharp-suited man with a fish’s head, and why is he popping up in the comments in a growing number of people’s Facebook feeds? The answer: Business Fish is one of the packs available on the social network’s Sticker Store, which has been quietly picking up steam in recent months. Found by tapping or clicking on the smiley face icon when commenting on a friend’s Facebook post, the store is currently focused on free packs of characters from individual designers, sticker studios like Quan and Ghostbot, and brands. The latter include Shaun the Sheep, Snoopy, Paul Frank, Pixar and various Cartoon Network shows, but it’s the surreal creations like Business Fish, Sinister Oyster and HamCat – yes, a cat with a slab of ham for a face – that appear to be catching on just as much. Read All Comments: http://www.comentarismo.com/news/theguardianwhat-is-business-fish-and-why-is-he-in-your-facebook-comments-technology-the-guardian

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