How can I use my laptop to create a home office? | Technology | The Guardian

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I’ve set up home offices in four different houses now, so I’m familiar with the problems. However, I’ve not used any of the desks that are currently available, so my advice will have to be somewhat general. Readers who have bought desks recently may be able to offer more specific recommendations. Either way, I know that you should start with a retractable, lockable tape measure, or similar device. Examples include the Stanley STA030696 and the Rolson 50565. Pretty much everything depends on measurements, and guesswork usually comes out wrong. It’s certainly possible to work with a laptop on a kitchen table or an old-fashioned writing desk and pretend you have a “home office”. This is the sort of nonsense that you usually see in lifestyle magazines and on websites like Pinterest. The problem is that it’s hazardous to your health. Bad workstation ergonomics put you at long term risk of physical strains and injuries that, in my experience, need expensive physiotherapy to alleviate. It’s far better to set up a home office that will both make you more productive and help you to stay healthy. Read All Comments:

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