How can I back up my holiday photos without using a laptop? | Technology | The Guardian

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Backing up photos used to be a problem for people taking exotic holidays. I thought it had gone away, thanks to advances in technology. First, SD storage cards have got bigger and faster. Unless you are a professional sports photographer shooting sequences of RAW images, it takes a long time to fill affordable 64GB or 128GB SD cards, or even larger cards. You can easily carry 1TB without even noticing. (Video photographers may still have problems.) Second, laptops have become smaller and lighter over the past decade, and they generally have much better battery life. It wasn’t fun backpacking a 2.5kg laptop plus charger, but 1kg alternatives have been around for at least a decade. And since you have a caravan, I wouldn’t have thought the weight mattered. In my case, the 11.6in laptop is much lighter than the DSLR, extra-wide zoom, prime lens and flashgun. If you’re using a compact camera with a vintage laptop, things might be different. However, you could always buy a mini-laptop with a 7in screen, such as the GamePad GPD Pocket, GPD Pocket or Mini PC. Read All Comments:

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