Would a cheap refurbished laptop run Photoshop? | Technology | The Guardian

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Last week’s answer covered desktop PCs, which become available as refurbs after they have been retired from corporate use after three or four years. There are even more refurbished laptops, which can do sterling work for people who don’t need the latest and greatest specifications. Unfortunately, Adobe Creative Suite can be a heavy workload, depending on which features you use, and 3D can be very demanding. That’s why graphic designers and video editors tend to buy powerful machines with Intel Core i7 or Xeon processors, beefy graphics cards and as much memory as the motherboard can handle. Many also want two or more hard drives (one for source files, one for results) and two screens (one for controls and one for the edited image or video). Such systems usually cost £2,500 or more, which is out of your price range. However, you can probably afford a refurbished business laptop that will at least outperform your partner’s system. After that, you can upgrade it as and when funds become available. Read All Comments: http://www.comentarismo.com/news/theguardianwould-a-cheap-refurbished-laptop-run-photoshop-technology-the-guardian

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