Which ThinkPad should I buy to replace my MacBook Air? | Technology | The Guardian

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These two 14in laptops should not be comparable, because they are based on completely different design philosophies. It’s a testament to the progress made in reducing the size and weight of traditional laptops that they are now surprisingly close. The ThinkPad T480 is a workhorse used mainly in large corporations, not a “hero” product like the X1 Carbon. However, this year’s T480 is thinner and lighter to the point where it is within striking distance of the X1 Carbon, even though it will never to catch up. The T480S version is even closer. There’s still a big market for PCs, so they come in different varieties to meet different needs. The market segments include ultraportables, tablets and convertibles, mainstream laptops, all-in-ones and desktop-replacements, gaming laptops and workstations. Each segment also has different price levels, with “value” ranges for people watching their pennies (eg Dell Inspiron) and high-performance models for upmarket buyers (eg Dell XPS). In Lenovo’s case, the ThinkPad E series (formerly Edge) is the value range, the L models are mainstream and the T range is for the high-end. The X series laptops are ultraportables while the P models are mobile workstations. Read All Comments: http://www.comentarismo.com/news/theguardianwhich-thinkpad-should-i-buy-to-replace-my-macbook-air-technology-the-guardian

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