Does constantly photographing my life ruin it, or help me remember it? | Technology | The Guardian

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I document most aspects of my life as they happen and have 74,000 photos on Dropbox. When I’m old and looking back, will this make me happier? I had cause to think about this very question this week, while walking through the streets of Manhattan. It was the day of the eclipse, and 10 minutes prior to alignment most streets in my neighbourhood were thronged with small groups looking up at the sky. Or, I should say, looking up at their phones which were pointed at the sky. There was a safety element to this, of course; unless you are Donald Trump, brazen ignorer of warnings, most people heeded the medical advice and were either looking at the sun through special sunglasses, or chancing it through the filter of their phones. Even without the safety aspect, however, the scene would surely have looked the same. Everyone was intending to take pictures. At the appointed time, I stopped on the corner of 72nd Street and Broadway, held up my phone and stared at it for the next 10 minutes. It was a semi-cloudy day in Manhattan and it was hard to make anything out. Just before the eclipse finished, a neighbour offered me his eclipse glasses and I saw the sun reduced to a slender crescent with the moon eerily parked out in front. Read All Comments:

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