Games Inbox: Who should get the Star Wars licence after EA?

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RE: captainbloodsnot. There’s literally zero chance 8K will be pushed by new consoles, definitely not at launch, as firstly 4K TVs are only just becoming more mainstream and secondly, there’s not a single GPU in existence that is built to push enough pixels at 8K, and that’s just with current gen games. Factor in next gen games will increased complexity of visuals, then not even the newly released 2080Ti (£1,200 worth of GPU) would probably be sufficient for the job.

Now factor in that this GPU is a desktop component that is vast in size and requires a PSU with a minimum of 650w and ideally more, then there’s no way on God’s green earth that you are able to fit a component like this in a console without it a) costing earth, b) being twice the size of current mid gen consoles, and c) overheating.

Even factoring in a move to 7nm process, it would still be unfeasible to shrink that GPU and power requirements down to console levels. AMD are also currently light years behind Nvidia’s high end GPUs and Navi, which still has no fixed release dates and is only said to be ‘competitive’ with Nvidia’s high end GPUs. (Last time they said this the Vega 56/64 were competitive with 1070 and 1080, not the 1080Ti.)

Even if they could, it would have to be the highest end of GPU on the market and the costs would be astronomical and not suitable for mass console production.

Consoles usually tend to use the mid end GPUs of the desktop market.

So think more along lines of say a GTX 1070/Vega 56 by the time PlayStation 5 launches and we might be in right ball park for performance, and sure 8K would be possible but it would run at low level settings and low frame rates, even in current games. To give some context, Digital Foundry were running two 1080Ti in SLI to try hit 8K in Metal Gear Solid V at 60fps. SLI isn’t perfect and doesn’t translate to the power of two 1080Tis in reality, but you get the idea. Metal Gear Solid V isn’t even the most advanced of games visually.

Just saying.

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