Omen Mindframe headset review: HP nails the cooling, but the basics need work

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HP’s Omen Mindframe arrives as the war for your ears is heating up—or maybe cooling down. I never would’ve pegged “sweaty ears” as the next battleground for gaming headsets, but it’s the one more and more companies are choosing. Last month we looked at Razer’s Nari Ultimate, which (among other features) packed cooling gel into the earcups.

Now HP’s Omen Mindframe arrives with an even more high-tech solution: Active cooling, to keep your lobes frosty for hours at a time. No, seriously.


First let’s talk design, though. This is HP’s first gaming headset, which is always interesting—especially when it comes from a brand, like HP, that isn’t traditionally associated with gaming.

That’s starting to change, and indeed you’ll notice the Mindframe is classified under HP’s gaming-centric Omen sub-brand. Omen’s made inroads recently, in part because of some daring designs like the diamond-shaped Omen X and the monolithic Omen Obelisk. Those are HP’s most successful attempts in my eyes, recognizable as gaming PCs but looking more like slick science-fiction tech—or maybe retro-futurist tech, something out of 2001: A Space Odyssey or Star Wars.

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