Which stereo speakers should I buy for my old hi-fi set? | Technology | The Guardian

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The Rotel RA-810A is a classic stereo amplifier from the late 1980s. I remember it as being well made and having a decent sound. However, it does have a couple of drawbacks. First, like all amplifiers from that era, the RCA phono inputs on the back are designed to work with turntables, CD and cassette tape players. While the RA-810A has phono sockets for AV/Aux, which you can select from the knob on the front, this input has the same spec as the others. There are no digital or HDMI sockets of the sort you would find on a new AV amplifier. Second, the Rotel RA-810A is somewhat underpowered, delivering just 20 watts per channel. This was quickly corrected in later models such as the RA-820AX and RA-930AX. However, it does mean that you will need speakers that are reasonably efficient, or at least easy to drive. The RCA phono socket problem, mentioned above, means that it may be hard to set up the system you want. Worse, there is no general solution, because it depends on the inputs and outputs on your specific products. Read All Comments: http://www.comentarismo.com/news/theguardianwhich-stereo-speakers-should-i-buy-for-my-old-hi-fi-set-technology-the-guardian

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