Presenting Seed: A Metamorphic Software System by Andrew Sengul

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Seed is a new interactive software environment that ties together visual
and textual programming built in Common Lisp. Seed allows you to create
and use programs with customized workflows and a wide variety of
interface modes, including text editors, spreadsheets, tree grids,
interactive vector graphics, 3D voxel environments and more. The system
was built to realize the following principle:

In Seed, there are not interfaces to programs.

In Seed, the interface is the program.

This talk introduces you to Seed and help you usnderstand its roots
and the problems it’s intended to solve. Seed was inspired by my
experience with different software systems and their shortcomings, and
as such it’s not just intended to solve a technical problem, but a human
problem that lies at the heart of all software design.

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