How do I get the best from Alexa? | Technology | The Guardian

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Smart speakers are taking over British homes. A recent YouGov survey found the number had doubled in three months, with around 10% of Brits owning one – and that 75% of these were Amazon Echo devices. The overwhelming majority are used for basic tasks like playing music and answering general knowledge questions – but with the right tips, tricks, skills and accessories you can get the Echo’s digital assistant Alexa to do just about anything… Privacy please You can always mute the mics on an Echo device to stop it listening, but if you’re concerned you’ve been over-sharing, deleting your recordings and query history is the next step. Doing so is easy: you can select individual recordings in the Alexa app, or take the nuclear option and delete your daily, weekly, monthly or entire history through the Alexa privacy settings on the Amazon website. ‘Dinner’s ready!’ If you have multiple Alexa devices you can use them as an intercom in your home. Just approach one and say: “Alexa, drop in on… (insert name of other Alexa device)”; then speak through it and hear whoever is on the other end. Music all over the house If you have multiple Echo speakers dotted around, you can use them to play multiroom music, similar to the way expensive systems such as Sonos work. Just add them to appropriate groups and play music to just downstairs, upstairs or all of them at the same time. Read All Comments:

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