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PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Konami; cert: 3★★★★Luis Suárez’s unlikely PR revival is seemingly complete, as he fronts Konami’s new partnership with FC Barcelona in the latest iteration of Pro Evolution Soccer. He has chosen a good platform, as PES 2018’s player likenesses and crowd animations look sublime. While official licences remain to Fifa’s advantage, PES has been focusing on gameplay. Close control, once the defining feature of early PES games, makes another step forward with a silky first touch, attack-minded dribbling and off-the-ball movement. Another welcome change is the slower and more natural pace of play, while player jostling, deflections and goalie spills feel unpredictable and lifelike. Player attributes also feel accurate, including the oddly fun addition of a playable Usain Bolt character to rival Arsenal’s speed demon, Héctor Bellerin. Konami has reintroduced popular features such as random selection match, auto-filling a team with players to trade with an opponent. These games feel well balanced and offer variety, in contrast to Fifa where the temptation is to stay loyal to a club, while Master League now offers pre-season tournaments and a refined transfer system. Solid updates, then – certainly enough to give Fifa diehards pause for thought. FA PS4, PS Vita, DotEmu; cert: 3★★★★Originally released for the Neo Geo arcade system in 1994, Windjammers is fully deserving of its cult status – it might remain a footnote in gaming’s records but for the few who played it remains deeply beloved. For all its credibility among arcade aficionados, the game is in essence a spin on Pong, albeit one festooned with mechanical and aesthetic trappings. Those extras, however, present a truly magnificent game, especially for multiplayer. And now it has been brought to PS4 and PS Vita, extending the multiplayer offering to online. Read All Comments:

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