Can I buy a fast and powerful work laptop for under £700? | Technology | The Guardian

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This is an interesting question, partly because the mainstream PC market is broadly divided into two main groups. There are lots of low-end laptops aimed at consumers, and they usually cost around £250 to £500. (Yes, there are even cheaper systems.) Examples include the Lenovo Ideapad 110, Asus VivoBook, and lots of HP Pavilion and Dell Inspiron laptops. Most are relatively slow, but some are fast enough for your purposes. There are also lots of upmarket laptops for high-end buyers and freelancers, and they usually cost from £750 to £1,500. (Yes, there are even more expensive systems, especially the ones designed for gaming.) Examples include the Dell XPS 13, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, HP’s Spectre 13 and EliteBook x360 G2, the Microsoft Surface range and many more. Most of them are thin and fast, but you are also paying a premium for aesthetics. The third option is to look at laptops aimed at IT managers, especially those in large corporations. Most are designed more for durability, reparability and predictability than for speed or style. The main examples are Lenovo (formerly IBM) ThinkPads, Dell Latitudes, and HP Elitebooks. You can also buy refurbished models of these machines from corporate asset management companies such as Tier1Online. It would be useful to know the specification of the laptop that you used in your corporate job, for comparison purposes, and the work involved. How fast was the processor? How much memory did it have? Did it have a traditional hard disk drive or a faster SSD? What was the screen resolution? Read All Comments:

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