Facebook and Twitter face Congress: We break it down (The 3:59, Ep. 454)

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Starts @ 4:02 before the edit

Everything you need to know about social media’s showdown in DC.

Facebook & Twitter testify: https://cnet.co/2wLtXdp
Dorsey’s defense: https://cnet.co/2wNRz10

Good morning from CNET NY Studios while we record the daily news-bite podcast: The 3:59. Hangout while we cover a multitude of stories from around the tech world and then the CNET staff will take your questions and comments in the chat.

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3 thoughts on “Facebook and Twitter face Congress: We break it down (The 3:59, Ep. 454)

  • September 6, 2018 at 02:02

    Thanks again for answering my question. It occurred to me afterwards, that those who are complaining about censorship don’t actually own the platform. And that’s inline with my comment about government companies with codes of conduct. I mean this government already sets the example, and the e-beggars and cryers on cue and the bitcoin hustlers and the far-left-and-far-right-Socialist-edge-lord-Joe-Camels-with-cartoon-personas don’t actually own the platforms they wish to drag to court. Hell! It’s not even free-speech they’re advocating for anyway since they don’t even own what they say (please support my Patreon, after all ).

    It’s difficult to take seriously since most of them need to fill at least 10 minutes with just about anything, and I mean any information that was barely relevant nearly half a century ago. I can see what Google and Twitter sees, and the rest of us like me, see mini-cultists and tiny thin skinned tyrants begging others to enable them. To me, if it looks like sanitization, it’s because it probably is.

    Edit: Maybe these shills can rebrand their works as fiction, but that wouldn’t protect it either, and seeing what they’ve been attempting opportunistically to off pass as comedy, they’re not winning any new sympathy, at least from me. That’s not art. It’s politics, it’s talking-heads and garbage, making everyone dumber. Muckraking. The full spectrum of Fake News and nonsense from people who yell, herd and menace their audiences.

    It’s abuse, these are cults, they’re peddling baloney.

    No sale.


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