SMS Connect Will Allow You to Use Skype to Text From Your PC

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Texting from a computer has been possible for years on both iOS in the form of iMessage and through various Android apps such as MightyText. Now, it looks like we’re getting another platform to choose from. A post on the blog Windows Italia has revealed that one of the features in the works for the future of Skype is the ability to use Skype to send and receive text messages.

Windows Italia

“SMS Connect,” as the new feature is being called, can be found in the preview settings of the Skype Android app. However, it currently cannot be activated. It’s unclear when the new feature will be enabled, as neither Microsoft or Skype have announced a firm release date. SMS Connect does appear to be available on the desktop app, though some users have reported issues. Of course, bugs are to be expected in a testing environment.

As of right now, SMS Connect appears to only be available for Windows 10 devices and Android. The company has not made any announcements about an iOS version of this feature, though that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. However, it is likely that a lot of iPhone users prefer to use iMessage for their texting needs.

This isn’t the only Windows-based SMS application that Microsoft has in the works. Earlier this year, the company announced the Your Phone app, which will make it easy for users to access their phone’s photos, text messages, and other content right from their desktop. Unlike Skype’s SMS feature, Your Phone has been confirmed to be in the works for both Android and iOS devices.

Having two products that have a similar purpose might seem self-defeating for Microsoft, but the Skype app does have a few benefits that may set it apart. For starters, there’s the simple fact that many people prefer to use a single app for their communication needs, so fans of Skype will likely enjoy being able to use Skype to send texts. Beyond that, Your Phone may require a newer version of Windows 10, so those who haven’t updated to the latest version of the OS, will have an option.

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