Fnatic Streak RGB review: A gaming keyboard that punches well above its price

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The esports company finally made an esports-worthy peripheral. We took a look last year at the Fnatic Clutch G1 gaming mouse, and I was not impressed. When Fnatic got in touch to send us its second-gen Streak keyboard, I wasn’t expecting much.

And yet the Fnatic Streak is, as of this moment, probably the best bang-for-your-buck RGB keyboard on the market. Quite a turnaround.

Competition quality

For an esports company, Fnatic sure is good about reining in its designs. I know that’s because these are technically made by Func, the Swedish company Fnatic acquired. It’s remarkable how minimalist and distinctly not “Gamer” the Streak looks.

IDG / Hayden Dingman

Aside from the RGB lighting, the Streak looks like a keyboard you could bring into the office unapologetically. The corners are all rounded off, the branding is fairly tasteful, and the chassis itself is made from a dark-gray aluminum. For a keyboard with few defining traits, the Streak still somehow manages to look unique, and surprisingly high-end. I think the Mionix Wei still takes the prize for “Gaming Keyboard That Most Looks Like A Boutique Keyboard,” but the Streak isn’t far behind.

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