mLUT Tutorial – Final Cut Pro and Motion 5 plugin + 30 LUT files for any editing or compositing software supporting LUTs

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mLUT – Final Cut Pro X Plugin and Professional Set of 30 LUT Files for any Software Supporting Them

This set of 30 color look-up tables is the most efficient, powerful and fast way to grade your footage we’ve created yet. LUTs are widely used in professional image processing, they will work in any application you like to use in your workflow that supports them. It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you use to produce your videos. mLUT will give your shots a truly cinematic look you were always looking for with minimal effort. Now you can work in real-time with superb grades inspired by the most famous motion pictures.

Final Cut Pro X Plugin, Apple Motion 5 Plug-in, Adobe Premiere Addition, DaVinci Resolve LUT files, Photoshop Gradings, NUKE Color, Fusion 7 LUT Files, AfterEffects Plugin.

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