The 7 most annoying things about video games – Reader’s Feature

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What gets you as angry as Kratos (or The Stranger)?

A reader details the seven things most likely to get him angry when playing video games, from boss battles to walking slowly.

Recently, some readers mentioned things that would cause them to become annoyed and throw their controller in a fit of rage. So I thought that the things that bring me rage when playing video games would make a good weekend feature. So here we go…

1. Boss battles
Don’t get me wrong, some boss battles are excellent; The Stranger in the latest God Of War, for instance. And sure, you do feel a sense of achievement for finishing a boss battle. But most of the time I end up near to tears praying that I don’t run out of life just as I am about to finally vanquish my foe. Of particular frustration was the Poison Ivy battle in Batman: Arkham Asylum, it took me forever.

2. Online multiplayer
Usually when I get a primarily multiplayer game, such as Call of Duty, I have the intention of going online but give up pretty quickly. I remember I once got a headset so I could do voice chat and hear what other players were saying and it went something like this, ‘Ahh great, this guy is making screeching noises to annoy everyone else, now everyone is telling him to shut up and now someone else is using language that a comedian from the 1970s would find offensive. Hmm… maybe I’ll just take the headset off and mute the other players’.

Then I would usually get sniped in the head from the other end of the map by someone using the sniper rifle like a shotgun and barely aiming down the sights. In days gone by I would have consoled myself that these people probably had no friends or have never been kissed. These days though they all have their own YouTube channels and probably earn more in an hour than I do in a year!

One thing I used to find infuriating was when I was winning at FIFA online and the other person knew they couldn’t beat me so they would keep pausing the game in the hope I would quit and forfeit the match.

3. Walking really S-L-O-W-L-Y
I play a fair few adventure type single-player games and it always seems to me there is always one part of the game whereby the main character gets injured usually after a cut scene involving a fall, and you have to spend the next few minutes walking slowly whilst the character clutches his side. And after the given amount of time everything is back to normal again. I work in A&E and can tell you a ruptured spleen or punctured lung won’t sort itself out in a minute or two. The main offenders of this are Uncharted and Tomb Raider.

4. Beginnings of games
Now I have two kids and work full time, so when I get to play video games I usually only have an hour or so at a time to do so. So when I get a new game it’s a mixed feeling to be honest. It’s great to play something new but I also know it’s doubtful I’ll be doing anything particularly fun or interesting during that first hour. I feel that too many games these days are more concerned with introducing the plot line and the characters at the start of a game than the gameplay itself.

By the time I need to go to bed usually I’ve been subjected to a number of cut scenes and a hold your hand tutorial which often feels like a chore. I recently downloaded Metal Gear Solid V as it was on Games for Gold. I have played it previously but didn’t feel I gave it enough of a chance. I want to start playing it again but I can barely muster the energy to endure the dullness of that first section in the hospital, it was honestly dreadful.

5. Complicated controls
I grew up with the likes of Sonic and Mario, which had like one button or at the most two. Now games are at times ridiculously complex. Sometimes you have to press a combination of buttons at the same time; I often forget which button is which, especially if I have more than one game on the go. This can lead to me pressing the wrong button at the worst possible time.

I hate it also when games use weird button choices. For instance, I played and finished The Last Guardian recently which was a great game but to jump you press ‘triangle’. Literally every other game uses ‘X’ and I kept wanting to press this instead.

6. Sucker punches
Picture the scene. You’ve got to the hard bit on a game, it’s taken you loads of tries. You took out the massive helicopter and the guy with the grenade launcher. You thought you would die but you managed to find a medikit. You got past the group of ninjas and took out the biggest enemy of all using stealth. You’re just about to shoot the last machine-gunner and then out of nowhere the least powerful enemy in the game (the one that can be defeated with a scathing put down or strongly worded letter) punches you in the back of the head with a limp fist and that’s it game over.

7. Myself
I think the one thing that’s sends me into a rage is myself more than anything. I just don’t have the time to play as many games as I would like. I want to fly through games so I can get to the next one. When I get stuck on something or come to a hard section I get frustrated rather than enjoying the challenge. When I had the time to play video games more when I was younger I only really played FIFA or Call Of Duty and now that I have expanded my horizons I don’t have the time to play all the games I want to. That’s why I find beginnings of games and boss battles frustrating. I don’t have the time to savour the quieter moments or the challenging ones I just want to skip to the good parts.

By reader matc7884

The reader’s feature does not necessary represent the views of GameCentral or Metro.

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