Kia Stinger: ‘A secret weapon with the power to rebrand Kia’ | Technology | The Guardian

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Kia StingerPrice £31,9950-62mph 5.8 secondsTop speed 149mphMPG 35.8CO2 181g/km Meet the Stinger! Yes, really. For some, the name may conjure up images of Corvette’s mind-blowing Stingray, one of the most lusted-after performance cars of all time; for others it might be the surface-to-air missile used by US troops. But in the (admittedly lavatorial) Love household, a “stinger” can mean only one thing: the post-curry “after burn” following a good vindaloo. The concept car, originally unveiled in 2011, was called the GT – dull, yes, but at least it wasn’t eye-watering. I asked Kia why they’d decided to switch and was told: “Everyone felt GT was just too bland. But we think Stinger perfectly describes the style, character and intent of our new gran turismo.” Name aside, everything about the Stinger is, in fact, pitch perfect. It’s Kia’s new flagship: a lovely, long, low, elegant car which harks back to the golden age of fastback tourers. It’s not hard-edged; it’s a speedy cruiser designed to whisk you to St Tropez and back with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of pleasure. Read All Comments:

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