New Cricket customers pay $500 for the Samsung Galaxy S9 if they port over their current phone number

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It hasn’t been a secret that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+ have had disappointing sales. Smartphone fanatics are focused on the just unveiled Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and soon the 2018 iPhone models will be introduced. So carriers are running promotions in an attempt to empty their warehouses overflowing with boxes containing Sammy’s 2018 flagship models.
The latest promotion comes from pre-paid carrier Cricket. Port over your number to the AT&T-owned provider and you can purchase the Samsung Galaxy S9 for $499.99. Besides porting your number, you will have to sign up for a data plan priced at $30/month or higher. The price of the handset is $250, or 33% off of the full retail price of $749.99. There is one restriction. No AT&T numbers can be ported over for the promotion. Why? Well, if you read the beginning of this very paragraph, you might recall that we told you that AT&T owns Cricket. So, an AT&T customer porting his number over to Cricket does nothing to increase the number of wireless subscribers under the AT&T umbrella.

If you’re a current Cricket subscriber and have a upgrade available, or want to add a new line, you can save $50 on the Galaxy S9 and pay $699.99 for the handset. If you burn an upgrade, there is a $25 fee you must pay.

The plans available for this phone include:
  • Unlimited talk, text and data, 2GB of high speed data (up to 8Mbps)-$30/month.
  • Unlimited talk, text and data, 5GB of high speed data (up to 8Mbps)-$40/month ($35 with auto pay).
  • Unlimited talk, text and unlimited data (up to 3Mbps), streaming video up to 480p, and more-$55/month ($50 with auto pay).
  • Unlimited talk, text and unlimited high-speed data (up to 8Mbps), streaming video up to 480p, and more-$60/month ($55 with auto pay).
Subscribers to the two unlimited data plans can have their data speeds throttled if they consume more than 22GB of data in one month. The deal on the Samsung Galaxy S9 is available online only. If interested, click on the sourcelink below.

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