Astell & Kern A&norma SR-15 Hands On Review

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Just look at the Astell&Kern A&norma SR15. The design is about as quirky as the come, and the new angled screen makes it look like no other mobile device out there. Can the sound match the eye-catching looks? We’ve tried it out ahead of launch to see if the updated audio specs make it worth the $700 asking price.



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4 thoughts on “Astell & Kern A&norma SR-15 Hands On Review

  • July 26, 2018 at 01:59

    I don't think it's so little. In size or probably price terms.Whatever rocks your boat I guess, no reflection at all on the review, interesting stuff well presented is always well received by the audience.

  • July 26, 2018 at 02:14

    Micro USB for 699$ ?! When this is their next gen player…where is USB TYPE C?!
    And why is the screen so small? Only 3.3 inches with an ultra cheap WVGA 480×800 TFT Display. TFT!!! When I consider buying one of these Players to enjoy HiRes Music, I also want to be able to enjoy HiRes Album Covers as well! For this price point they should at least use a very good IPS Panel or even better an OLED! Colors on TFT look horrible! And neither does it support 5Ghz WiFi nor Bluetooth 5.0 for better Bluetooth audio quality with aptx or the fact that Bluetooth 5.0 has a huge range upgrade over 4.0.
    The battery has only 3,150mah which is in comparison to it's size like nothing!
    Also they don't mention anything about the real specs of this "built-in-smartphone" which means that it has to be pretty bad but good enough for playing HiRes Music which it is supposed to do in the first place.
    Yes, I am convinced by this video that it probably sounds amazing but for the money your are paying it is just not worth it. At least it has multiple headphone jacks 😉 which is not normal these days.

  • July 26, 2018 at 06:44

    Too many sharp edges for my taste. Portable players need to be more ergonomic

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