Microsoft releases 27 Windows patches for Patch Tuesday bugs

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In what is becoming a common occurrence, Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday brought along so many bugs that they necessitated a remediation round. This month, unusually, it took only six days to get the exterminators out.

Since these fixes are aimed at four specific bugs introduced on Patch Tuesday, they don’t include the massive patches normally appearing on the second Patch Whateverday of the month. My guess is we’ll see at least one more big set of Windows patches before the month is out. Oh, boy.

Windows July patches, version 2

Yesterday, Monday, July 16, Microsoft released 27 new security patches for Windows, bringing the total number of patches so far this month up to 156. The new patches fall into six separate groups:

  • Win10 version 1803 got cumulative update KB 4345421. The KB article says this update moves 1803 users to build 17134.166, but multiple sources say, in fact, they’re getting moved to 17134.167. That may seem like a small discrepancy, but it speaks volumes about last-minute changes in the build and the lack of coordination in the documentation.
  • Win10 1709 got KB 4345420. The KB article says it moves 1709 users to 16299.550, but the Win10 release info page says it’s 16299.551.
  • Win10 1703 got KB 4345419. The KB article says build 15063.1208. The audience says 15063.1209. Bzzzzzt.
  • Win10 1607 / Server 2016 got KB 4345418. The docs say 14393.2367. The guinea pigs say 14393.2368. And the crowd goes wild.
  • Win8.1 / Server 2012 R2 got a manual-download-only KB 4345424.
  • Win7 / Server 2008 R2 also got a manual-only patch, KB 4345459. We have one report that this patch breaks acquiring IP addresses over a wireless connection.

All six of the groups say they fix the same basic bugs. Er, issues. All of the acknowledged issues look like this:

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