DJ Funk Flex explains why software DJs can’t touch him, why he called out Drake

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DJ Funk Flex has been spinning vinyl for over 25 years and while he appreciates the new era of music, he has a few gripes with this generation. In our interview he speaks on not using DJ software like Serato and why he was disappointed in Drake.

In our interview, Flex explains he was “disappointed” in Drake using lyrics from other artists, because he placed the 29-year-old MC on his list of top five best lyricists, but now accepts the Canadian-bred sensation may just be a different type of rapper. “A Kendrick Lamar and a Drake to me, are two different artists to me, but that’s always existed,” Flex said. To Flex, Kendrick Lamar represents pure lyricism and Drake represents pure entertainment. “There’s a Rakim, and there’s a [MC] Hammer.”

Flex also expressed his feelings on the new era of DJ’s abandoning vinyl all together in favor of software apps, like the exceedingly popular Serato, used by Skrillex and others. Part of Flex respects those DJs, but a larger part believes they are not on his level. “When you’re at the controller like this,” Flex says while imitating twisting nobs, “My arms are extended and I’m screaming. That’s why you get paid what you get paid and I get paid what I get paid, because there’s obviously a difference in what’s cracking out here.”

Check out the video to hear more about why Flex does not use DJ software, why there should be a separate category for rappers like Drake, and more.

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4 thoughts on “DJ Funk Flex explains why software DJs can’t touch him, why he called out Drake

  • July 19, 2016 at 02:55

    Why is this on Digital Trends?? Lmao this should be on Complex or some other urban channel.

  • July 19, 2016 at 18:36

    ive met Flex before and he a cool dude. he is right about Drake though. if you got ghostwriters you cant be in the TOP 5 sorry (at least for lyricism)

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